When the Sun Sets

I reminisce about that time of my life when I waltzed into the sunset holding her hands. This was no ordinary sunset. We looked at the scintillating sea sparkling beyond the far horizons. Nature beckoned me with a glimpse of paradise. The sea was serene and calm, the sky tinted with gold and fiery orange surging contrasting emotions within me. The evening was special and so was she. We knew that what felt for each other was as smoldering as the yellow sun. I met her angel eyes and they seemed to search for my soul. I gave in to her unspoken words which voiced my desire to be with her forever. What followed were unspoken words, tender caresses, misty eyes and a longing to be inside each other. As we made love, I could hear the distant waves lapping and licking the sides of the shore. Her laughter echoed with the waves as the sun set into the horizon.

Years have passed; We still walk into the sunset. My memories fill a void in my empty heart. So many sunsets have come and gone. But today I feel the evening is special. It is still the same magical sunset after so many years. The sky has the same tint of gold and fiery orange. But the sea is no more silent. It rages; And I can hear the waves echoing her voice. I look beyond and see her figure.

I am in the sunset of my youth but she stills enticing, alluring and immensely beautiful. She emerges from the ocean; Her eyes beckon me from the distant horizons. She comes closer and the beauty of the sunset mingles with her skin making her all the more mystical. She seems to have cast a spell on me and her smile still has that earthly charm. I drop the bottle of wine which had enslaved me for so many years. I walk toward her, unmindful of the sea and hold her hand once again. She invites me to a trip to the distant horizons, asking me to walk in to the sunset one more time. I have never felt at peace before as I see the sun go down with me, feeling the waves lapping and licking at me, taking me deep inside to sleep forever in tranquility.