Top 5 Jewelry With High Reserve Value & Tiffany is First

Now 09 Christmas is just around the corner and people are all busy buying presents for their families and friends. Then what kind of presences should we buy? Many of us may choose jewelry, for their elegance and quality. And what’s more, jewelry has very high reserve value. However, there are so many brands of jewelry and which has the highest reserve value? The following are the top 5 pieces of jewelry with high reserve value.

The fifth one is the Mokimoto pearl necklace from Akoya. Its style is simple, which is required by those pearls of best quality. However, its cross design makes people think a lot. Pearls and diamonds, one shows conservativeness, and the other one presents oomph.

The fourth one is the Harry Winston earrings of Diamond de Neige. The earrings were inspired by snowflakes and decorated by diamonds. When shining in the light, the earrings would remind you of the snow flying in winter. And also, the dissymmetric two earrings add more elegance to themselves.

Mont Blanc of La Dame Blanche is a platinum ring with beautiful diamonds. These rings represent the classic beauty. The ring with black jaspers among diamonds shows some kind of energy, while the other one with only pure diamonds has the beauty of silence. These two rings are very suitable for couples.

Many people may know the leopard Cartier, which was the symbol of Duchess Windsor. During that time, Duke of Windsor, in order to show his love for his wife, asked Cartier & Co. To design some special kind of jewelry for his wife. And Cartier designed a brooch for Duchess Windsor which was leopard-shaped. This was the first time Cartier designed some jewelry according to some kind of animals. And later, the leopard became Duchess Windsor’s symbol and this series of jewelry became the masterpieces in Cartier history.

The first one is Ribbons Tiffany which was designed by the famous designer Jean Schlumberger. The diamond in the middle weighs 128.54 carat. It was engraved from a huge yellow diamonds, weighing 287.42 carat, which means half of the original diamond was discarded. What’s more, the diamond of Ribbon Tiffany has 82 facets of cut while the traditional Tiffany diamonds only have 58 facets.