The New Rich – Working From Home Has Never Been So Much Fun!

The New Rich!

It sounds great and I love the phrase! Who and what are the New Rich. Who are these confident successful business people who have learned the skills of Automation, Outsourcing and Time Leverage to become rich in both money and time !.

I recently read a book describing a new breed of entrepreneur. A new type of business person not limited by location, but able to practice their business from any locale in the world. Imagine a multi-million pound business working from home or from the side of a pool in the Maldives via a laptop and a mobile phone. Now imagine, no staff! No stock! No promises rent / rates or even any wages. Starting to sound like a Fairy tale? Having been involved in my internet business I started to perform research into who these New Rich are, but more importantly what they do !.

The system’s of manufacturing in the future will be fully automated, requiring 1 man and a dog to run the whole operation! The man will be required to feed the dog, and the dog will be there to stop the man from touching any of the equipment. Automation will be king! As the inevitable offset of automation advances industry, it will have adverse effects on the employee and the number of jobs available in that sector.

As jobs become ‘less attractive’ the balance of power will move from the employer to the market. The Market is looking for an income to maintain or increase their life style. This growing trend will and has for the most part been responsible for the growing list of successful home based business’s emerging over the last few years.

As the market contracts in one area it will expand in another. It’s just the way it is. Those individuals who put themselves in the right position to capitalize on growing trends will benefit the most. Working from home and the home based business sector are booming because the traditional employment route is overworked, the system is broken and people are looking for a way out. Lifestyle is driving the market today.

Who is richer the corporate warrior awareness £ 500,000 a year working a 80 hour work week or a home based business entrepreneur, working from home £ 10,500?

With my internet business you can work from any location in the world from a laptop and a mobile phone! All of a sudden £ 50,000 a year from the side of a pool sounds more attractive than £ 500,000 with all the headache that would come with a job of that caliber. With many home based business’s today they offer a far more attractive option than the corporate climb.

The New Rich rich have realized the relationship between income and lifestyle can not only be managed but it’s a growing market. The thousands of disillusioned employees migrating away from the workplace are becoming the business seekers that are set to dominate the New Richlists of 2010 and onwards. The home business Sector will continue to not only buck the trend but as the skills are learned and implemented the new rich of tomorrow will outsource the larger work loads freeing up there time. The tools of the future the internet will allow those skills to be marketed packaged and delivered electronically allowing huge time leveraging.

Those in the know are ready and even willing to pass on their knowledge and skills to those hungry for the challenge to change there lives from working for a living to designing a life. The power of choice is back for everyone to make.

Lastly Confidence in what we do on a daily basis to deliver the results we are expecting will absolutely be our number one stimulating factor. What I am saying is if you are performing at what you do then you are motivated. The motivation comes from the confidence that doing what your doing is going to deliver the results that your looking for! The link between performance and rusults is our confidence in what we do !.

If your not 100% confident that your present career or business will deliver the results that you would like then are you really motivated to perform?