Perfect Girls

When you ask guys what they look for in girls or in their girlfriends, among many things one word which they use is “perfect.” Now all you girls, how can you be perfect girls for those men or boys out there? Here are few things to help you make your man drool over you and call you the perfect of all the perfect girls.

• Always take care of yourself. Boys are always attracted by the appearance of girls. So it’s very important that you always keep yourself looking good and groom yourself. Just because you are comfortable now with each other, it does not mean that he will not get attracted to other girls, and you can continue to be with him wearing your faded spaghetti strap tank top and worn-out jeans. You should never stop wearing up just for him. Make him feel proud or feel good to be with you. Many guys enjoy when their girlfriends can turn other men’s head. It fits their “perfect girls” category.

• Do not tag along with him everywhere: Let him have his own guy time. Men need to spend time with their buddies, swing a couple of beer, do the things they like doing, some of which may seem silly to you. In short give him space and he will love you for that. And you do not have to be alone on those days. Go out with your girlfriends, make a trip to the salon, get some beauty treatments done at home, etc. Do anything you like but do not keep on calling him up, asking what he is doing, and what time he will be home. Even if he does not get back home the time he promises or does not call you back as promised, do not sulk or throw attitudes at him. Often they get so drunk and so carried away with their guy talk and fun, they simply forget without meaning to.

• Know your guy well: Perfect girls always know what their men like. It can be a favorite color, perfume, food, game, restaurant, or even favorite sex position. Enjoy yourself and give him pleasure too. This will go a long way in making your relationship stronger.

These are some pointers for you to be able to keep your man or boyfriend close to you. So long you remind yourself that a man and a woman do not think the same way, it will help you not set too high expectations that can jeopardize your relationship.