Carolina Riggings

Carolina rigging has become a well respected method for catching large numbers of fish. This does not just mean any old fish; It also has been proven time and time again to catch quality fish as well. A good Carolina rig can not only place well in a fishing event, but can also make the difference of a win.

A good set-up can include things like the Zoom Trick Worm sitting behind a Tru-Tungsten Sinker whose weight is determined by a number of factors including currents, depth and even the amount of cover. Tie that up with a bit of 17 pound test with a 12 to 14 pound test leader and you are good to go.

The Carolina rig has also been well recorded at catching a Florida bass right after a cold-front.

It is the magnetic field created by the Tru-Tungsten Force bead that helps to attract the bass do to its ability to allow all of the sinkers to go down evenly and there in lay the path to attract the bass. That magnetic field brings the fish in heavily.

Without a doubt, the Carolina Rig has an excellent track record for bringing in the bass in almost any location. It is a must try, not only for the sport angler, but even for the weekend hobby fishermen. Why have a tale about the one that got away, when you can have a tale about one of the best fishing trips in recent history.

Many notable professionals will stand firmly to the belief that the Carolina rig is tops. Every person is different and so are their techniques, so whether you will actually use a Carolina rigging or not is entirely up to you, but you have nothing to loose in experimenting with it. You still end up with a great weekend of fishing at the lake with you pals or kids.